Philly Tree Huggers

The Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation and the Friends of Penn Treaty Park held a community meeting concerning a new playgound at Penn Treaty Park, on Wendnesday, Sept 24 2014 @ 6pm @ Shissler Rec Center - Blair and Berks (behind the performing arts high school on Berks)

A plan was presented which retooled the design which does not involve cutting down any trees. The Tree Hugges as far as we have been able to organize are content with these plans and thank all responsible parties for finding a solution which addressed our concerns.


  Dear Philadelphia Tree Huggers:

My name is Ken Milano. I am a local historian for Fishtown & Kensington and the author of "The History of Penn Treaty Park."

I viewed the video on your opinion of building the playground at Penn Treaty Park and I am in total agreement with you. The history of the park shows that it was always a fear that the park would become just another playground in the Department of Recreations inventory. The place is a sacred place, a peaceful place, what's wrong with just some benches, the river, grass and trees? Your idea of not taking down the Sycamores is spot on....

If you would like to use my name, as author of the history of the park, and a person that is probably most knowledgeable about the park's history, I would be happy for you to do that....

Wishing your efforts the best of luck,

Ken Milano

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